Dr Orzala Ashraf Nemat is an Afghan emerging scholar over 16 years of experience in development research, advocacy and practice. Once a war refugee, grassroots organisation’s founding leader, Orzala continued to be a dedicated advocate for women’s rights, human rights and justice. Dr Nemat joined various international development organisations in different capacities including as researcher, consultant and country program officer. Orzala’s enriching field experiences is joined with her qualitative research skills over the past six years, providing an insightful perspective where theory and practice are combined in her work exploring how broader interventions change power relations at micro sites of intervention in the case of Afghanistan. A senior teaching fellow at SOAS Development Studies department, Dr Nemat convened the course on Development and Conflict during 2015/16 academic year. Dr Nemat is currently based in Afghanistan, working as the president's advisor on sub-national governance and is engaged with her field research and academic writings.