Designation: Senior Researcher

Tobias Bolch is senior scientist and leader of the research group “Mountain Cryosphere” at the Department of Geography of the University of Zurich, Switzerland. His main research focuses on investigating the impact of climate change on glaciers and glacial hazards in various mountain ranges of the world with the regional focus on High Asia where he is working since more than 15 years. He uses remote sensing and photogrammetry to study glacier characteristics, their changes in in area, volume and velocity and puts special emphasis on debris-covered glaciers. He studies also other components of the cryosphere like snow cover, permafrost and permafrost bodies. His remote sensing work is complemented by regular field investigations where he and his group are also measuring climate parameters or perform geophysical measurements. 

Through his various activities and visits, Tobias Bolch has excellent contacts to international and local experts and has become a well-recognised researcher with respect to cryospheric research in High Asia.