Designation: Professor

Dr Prakash C Tiwari is a professor of geography at Kumaon University. In the past, he has served as an assistant director of micro regional planning at the National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad. Tiwari’s expertise lies in the management of mountainous natural resources and climate change adaptation. Having implemented a number of collaborative research projects sponsored by international organisations, he remains involved in similar initiatives: he is a knowledge partner, for instance, of the Indian Himalaya Climate Change Adaptation Programme and a consultant expert at the Himalayan Adaptation, Water, and Resilience project. Additionally, he is as a climate change expert at the International Urban Climate Change Research Network and the International City Management Association. Tiwari has been awarded several fellowships including the JSPS Fellowship for adaptive water resource management (Hiroshima University), Mercator Fellowship (German Research Foundation), and Shastri Fellowship (Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Canada). Over the years, he has worked as a visiting professor at universities in the UK, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Austria, and Finland. He is the acting chief editor for the International Journal of Geography and Regional Planning, and a member of the editorial boards of a three other journals.